November 2017  
Upcoming Events


Thanksgiving Dinner at church
6:30 PM
Bring a covered dish for buffet


Wednesday (Miercoles)services 7:00 to 8:00 P. M.
Prayer and Contemporary Praise for youth and adults, GAs and RAs for Kindergarten through grade 6 Church nursery for age 3 and younger
ESL class for adults - Clase de English gratis


Estudio de la Biblia y oracion
Spanish Language Bible Study on Thursday 7:00 P. M. in Fellowship Area with Spanish Pastor Gerardo Alvizo


ESL Sunday School for Adults 8:45 to 10:45 AM
2 hour free English as a Second Language class;
Bible Search
Leader: Wanda Tuley

This ministry provides our church with the ability to gain access to an extensive collection of books, DVDs, videocassettes, compact discs, and audiobooks. The resource center is open before and after Sunday Services and from 7:00 to 8:00 P. M. Wednesday evenings.

The automated catalog of over 7000 holdings may be searchedin the library. The online site is updated every week.

 Click this link to Search for titles online.You may also reserve or renew titles from the search link! Remember to sign your reservation request so the library team will know who you are.

Add the library search option to your mobil phone or device. Android phones have automatic option for "Desktop" Internet version; however on iPhone one should use Safari to save the sites true URL in their favorites/bookmark to override the standard "mobil" Internet option.  The true URL for the church library is

SELECTION POLICY: The church approved selection policy is posted in the library. All materials must be accurate in facts, scriptural interpretation and doctrine.

GIFT POLICY: The library operates on small church budget allocation so must depend on generous members and friends who dedicate money in memory or in honor of special people in their lives. The honoree or family of the bereaved will promptly receive written notification of  any living tribute. Monetary gifts are preferred to avoid duplications and to be certain the items purchased meets the standards of the church approved selection policy.  No provisional gift will be accepted. To make a gift to the library contact one of the library team at 972 225-2612 or by email by clicking link at top of this page.

New titles are added every month. The aim is to replace videocassettes with DVDs.

The trained volunteer library team elected by the church is Wanda Tuley, Director, Barbara Sandling, Dena Nichols Markanthony Ruiz and Randall Tuley.   

 The 2017 theme is "Join The Team in '17".    Use the library at least one time every month to receive a small gift in 2018.     Viva Mexico! Summer club is June 11 to July 26.